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Accountants Were Born to be Kashoo MVPs

Kashoo is simple cloud accounting that small businesses (aka, your clients) love. It puts them in control of day-to-day bookkeeping tasks like recording income and managing expenses while also generating the primary financial statements you need to help them with tax prep and filing. And this should make you happy: Kashoo is complete, double-entry accounting software.


Accounting software that is easy for both client and accountant to use? That's Kashoo. Your clients will love how natural and familiar bookkeeping in Kashoo feels. And you'll enjoy an accounting system that isn't overstuffed with features you'll never use. Simplicity for the win!


Wherever your business takes you and wherever your clients are, Kashoo makes geography a non-issue. The application is hosted in the cloud which means everything—from an invoice generated to bank reconciliation—happens in real-time. And award-winning mobile apps make it easier than ever for your clients to get transaction details into the system which means you spend less time doing tedious data entry.


True double-entry accounting, Kashoo meets the standards of even the most critical accounting eye. In addition to bank-level security, Kashoo features primary financial reports and statements, bank reconciliation, a permanent activity log, various export options, real-time collaboration and more.

When you sign up as a Most Valuable Professional you get:

  • A free Kashoo account
  • Free, dedicated customer support
  • Preferred Kashoo customer referrals
  • Custom training

With the Kashoo MVP Program, the accountant-client relationship works beautifully. No more sending massive files back and forth. No more time wasted correcting errors. Just accurate books in a real-time, collaborative app.

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