Kashoo U - Training to Control Your Business

Your Business, Your Books + Amazing Kashoo U Support
= Business Happiness for All

Welcome to our campus.

Whether you are just starting your business or have been at it for a few years, taking control of your bookkeeping and accounting is the first step towards always being able to know where you stand—from anywhere, at anytime, in real-time. Kashoo gives you all of the accounting tools you need (and none you don't) to do just that. 

But accounting is accounting, and sometimes there's a learning curve. That's why we created Kashoo U, a library of useful content that can help you master your books. From bookkeeping basics to getting started with Kashoo to more complex accounting topics, Kashoo U has you covered. 

1. Getting Started

2. Accounting 101

3. Principles of Accounting

4. Understanding the Numbers

5. When the Rubber Meets the Road