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Kashoo makes tax prep painless.

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Kashoo is made for small businesses everywhere.

If you're a small business trying to make it in this market, we get you, because we are too. We've designed Kashoo to be a complete accounting system that most business owners can pick up and teach themselves with minimal effort. Plus, it helps to know that every person you meet at Kashoo has an intimate knowledge of small business - many of us being small business owners ourselves!

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"I love Kashoo. It's intuitive, straightforward, and you can get help almost instantly."

- Ann-Marie Kellaway, GCMA, Owner of AK Consulting

Ann-Marie is a financial professional. She uses Kashoo accounting software to collaborate with Canadian small business owners so that they understand how the trends they see in their finances affect their plans for the future.

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Ann-Marie Kellaway, GCMA, Owner of AK Consulting

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"The support is top notch. Telephone, email and web
support available at all times. What a huge help."
- Justin Wood, Wood Consulting Ltd.

"What impressed me more was the customer service and the help
in resolving issues, even when it was clearly my fault. Thank you!"
- Staci Esquinaldo, Innovative Pool Service LLC

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  • I can honestly say that Kashoo has changed the way I interact with my business. Thanks for making it simple and powerful.

    Max Darrah
    Mountain Guide
    Rockaboo Mountain Adventures, Inc.

  • This is a great program. I tried several others and found most of them kind of messy and complicated. I have already and will continue to refer people to your product.

    Meghan Gelman Owner
    EA, Registered Representative
    Live Better Financial & Tax

"Kashoo is definitely the strongest accounting
application on the market." - Mashable

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