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Online accounting and Freshbooks

Kashoo + FreshBooks

Invoicing is good. True double-entry accounting makes it great.

The Best of Both Worlds

Kashoo is delightfully simple cloud-based accounting software that powers the books of over 200,000 businesses around the globe. From graphic designers to carpenters, florists to property managers, Kashoo helps the world's doers, creators, makers and entrepreneurs do what they love.

Here's how... Easy Invoicing

Send professional looking invoices with FreshBooks and have that data automatically sync with your accounting app.

Expenses Too

Use expense tracking in FreshBooks? Importing that data directly into your expense account in Kashoo gives you real, actionable business insight.

Advanced Reporting

Kashoo online accounting software gives you the financial reports you need to know where you stand and make smart business decisions.

Bank Integration

Kashoo integrates with over 10,000 banks worldwide so you can pull your financial transactions from anywhere, in real-time.

True Accounting

You can rest easy knowing your financial data is solid. Kashoo is true double-entry bookkeeping made for business owners.

World-Class Security

Kashoo runs automatic backups, features bank-level encryption and includes PIN/TouchID mobile security to keep your finances secure.

Old-School Support:

Our business succeeds when your business succeeds. Our support team has your back via email, phone, chat—whatever your preference.

Taxes For Breakfast

With Kashoo's double entry accounting, your books are accurate. Accurate books makes accountants happy and tax time painless.

Mobile Accounting

Wherever your business takes you, Kashoo is there thanks to award-winning mobile apps. So go ahead and ditch the desk.