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If you're passionate about helping small businesses, accounting, and technology, you've come to the right place!

App Store Marketing Specialist

The Kashoo story is simple: we couldn’t find a modern, cloud accounting software solution that was built for the small business owner. Products like QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Xero, and Freshbooks had been around (in fact some of us worked on them), but they were either too complicated or lacked modern conveniences like a mobile app you could download directly to your device. So we did what any entrepreneur does — we seized the opportunity.

Seven years later, Kashoo is one of the most popular online accounting apps in the world, with paying clients in over 180 countries. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, we’re a small team of 20 people who are truly passionate about giving small business owners the financial tools they need to succeed. We believe in simplicity, clarity, and focus.

What’s your story?

We’re looking for a friendly human with incredible conversation skills, empathy, and energy to join our Marketing team full time. We want someone who’s willing to take a mandate and run with it. Someone who’s not afraid to learn new things, attack problems with a different slant, and play on a field with giants. It’s not important that you be an App Store industry influencer, yet. You just need to be able to demonstrate the aptitude and the attitude to get there.

We want you to be involved in almost everything to do with our App Marketplace presence. We want you to treat this like it's your own business, top to bottom. Apple, Google, Amazon, and Square are where we start with our App Stores and that list is growing. Campaigns, listings, and reporting on the data (analytics) are the lifeblood of this role. With that in mind, handling multiple streams of information, making thoughtful plans (in conjunction with our creative leads), and delivering, should probably be your middle names. Or at least the names of your first three children. We'll be looking to you to optimize our descriptions, provide recommendations on paid search campaigns and keywords, and be the point of contact for all of our App Store listings. You should feel comfortable responding to reviewers and delevoping ratings of our App. If you can’t get responses by email or Slack, you’re probably the kind of person that picks up the phone or walks down the street to buy a coffee, shake someone’s hand, and get those answers in person.

In our habitat there are very few levels. On a daily basis you gotta be comfortable working closely with our Creative Director and CEO - feeding on their direction. They like artisanal burgers and sushi, in that order. Your closest allies will be designers and writers that produce content. You'll need to manage their deadlines, and make sure that the content they are delivering is meeting your objectives. So, it will really help if you’ve pulled your own espresso shots before and can speak authoritatively about the characteristics of the greatest coffee growing regions on earth.

The Fine (But important) Print

We offer all the benefits you expect. But probably some you don’t.

We do office-wide staff events regularly (in fact, our Creative Director is the office champion Go-Kart driver). Buckle up. We provide all the tools so you can work wherever you do your best work. We come together to work in the office on Mondays but flexibility reigns the rest of the week as members of the team work either at HQ, out of their home, or in a productive location of their choice.

Sound like your kind of experience?

Contact us at with your resume, links to apps you’ve helped nurture, or anything else you feels demonstrates why you’d fit in over here.