You can be the boss of your own bookkeeping.

With Kashoo simple cloud accounting software you control your business's finances from anywhere, anytime, on any device. Kashoo is real accounting for real businesses.

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Real Accounting for your Business, By You

Whether you call yourself an entrepreneur, a small business owner, self-employed or something else entirely unique, you're in control. You are pursuing your own destiny, doing your own thing because you can't imagine life any other way. And when it comes to accounting, that's exactly what Kashoo is all about: you. Built to suit the needs of the small business owner, Kashoo is easy to use, 100 percent mobile, always up-to-date and secure. With Kashoo accounting software, you get everything below, including peace of mind.

Real Accounting

Even though delightfully simple to use, Kashoo is true double-entry accounting—which is exactly what your tax prep pro wants to see.


Say goodbye to manually uploading your bank transactions. Kashoo syncs with over 10,000 banks worldwide. We're guessing yours is one of them.

Accurate Reporting

From profit and loss statements to balance sheets, Kashoo gives you the business finance reports you need to make smart decisions.

Support Your Way

Yes, Kashoo is easy to use, but free customer support is just an email, phone call, instant message or tweet away.

Tax Prep

Since Kashoo generates all the financial reporting you need for an accurate tax filing, you may find yourself looking forward to Tax Day.

Airtight Security

Your data is yours. Kashoo's bank-level encryption, parallel backups, PIN/TouchID mobile security and more keeps it that way.