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U.S. Kashoo Customers: Small Business Payroll is Here

Posted by Kasey Bayne on February 6, 2014 at 1:04 PM

What happens when simple cloud accounting and one of the largest payroll providers in the United States team up? U.S. small business owners can streamline their accounting and payroll—all under one roof.

With Paychex, Kashoo customers can now submit their small business payroll directly to a Paychex payroll specialist in their local area and receive a small business payroll package that includes processed checks, management reports, handy supplies (like labor posters!) and more.


Why is this great?

Well, for starters, everyone loves getting paid! Secondly, Paychex takes the headache out of payroll. (Have you ever tried to wade through payroll taxes, withholdings and timelines on your own?) And finally, there are over 570,000 American businesses who trust their payroll to Paychex—and that means something.

And did we mention Paychex makes it easy to submit payroll online, view reports, and best of all get your payroll data imported right into Kashoo?

So U.S. Kashoo customers who love getting paid and not having headaches, give Paychex a shout and they'll help you figure out what payroll solutions are best for you and your business.


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