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Introducing a New All-Inclusive Bookkeeping & Tax Service by Kashoo

Posted by Jim Secord on January 26, 2018 at 9:00 AM

We’ve been making accounting software for a quite a while. During that entire time, we’ve done our best to remain committed to helping small business owners succeed with the highest level of customer service and support we could offer. Our commitment means that we’ve always made it a priority to listen to what our clients really need and deliver a product that accomplishes just that. Funny enough, what we keep hearing from business owners is that they just don’t want to have to deal with accounting at all.

From the feedback that we’ve collected over the years, we’ve noticed that small business owners often have no choice but to take bookkeeping matters into their own hands. Not only do they want to retain financial control within their business, but they also find that hiring a bookkeeper can be a costly and unpleasant experience. But as their business matures, managing the books just becomes a distraction that keeps them from focusing on serving their customers and growing the business. On top of that, having to find an outsourced accounting firm to do their taxes adds even more complexity. Talk about a “catch-22”.

Long story short, we heard you loud and clear. Starting today, we’re introducing a new option.

We took all these factors into consideration and set out to create a solution that meets the needs of most small business owners without the expensive, ever-changing price tag and undesirable experience of a traditional bookkeeper.

New Service V3.png

Your Own Bookkeeping & Tax Team

I am excited to announce that Kashoo is offering an all-inclusive bookkeeping & tax service. As a customer, you’ll have your own team of financial experts that actually care about the success of your business.

After extensive planning and consultation with our team at Kashoo, our VP of Customer Success summed it up nicely:

“From working with small business owners for over 15 years, and as a small business owner myself, I know how challenging year-end can be. I also know the power of having accurate books whenever I need them. With our new Bookkeeping & Tax service we are going to be able to help small business owners get caught up as well as have accurate books every month.

Need a loan or line of credit? No problem. Pull your reports instantly and email them to your banker. Want to compare your income and expenses for the last six months? Easy. Pick up your phone and check out the report in a few taps."

– Nikki Layton, VP of Customer Success

Your Kashoo bookkeeping specialist will be dedicated to help you get set up and ensure that you're comfortable with our software. We will review your accounts monthly so you can be sure that your entries are always correctly categorized and organized. We'll also file your taxes, with the added security of audit protection (just in time for tax season).

Get More When You Sign Up Now

We’re starting with a select group of small business owners who want us to take their bookkeeping & taxes off their plate forever. So what are you waiting for? Get on the list for the new Kashoo! On top of everything, we’ll even catch up your books for last year for half the price! For a limited time, get your 2017 books sorted and taxes filed for 50% off when you sign up for Kashoo’s new service.

So what are you waiting for? Get on the list for the new Kashoo!

Stop stressing about your books, and start chasing your dream

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