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Kashoo iPad App Update (v3.1)

Posted by Dave Clarke on January 6, 2013 at 3:13 AM

Just in time before the beginning of the calendar year (which for most small business owners marks the beginning of tax season), we're happy to announce a fresh new update (v3.1) to the Kashoo iPad app. In addition to a handful of "under-the-hood" enhancements like improved (read: faster!) performance and bug fixes, there are a few major, noteworthy updates worth highlighting. For starters, the Kashoo accounting iPad app has three new reports: General Ledger, Journal and Chart of Accounts. These reports are great for this time of year and will come in handy this coming tax season. We've also added a real-time preview of invoices. For more on what's new with the Kashoo iPad app, check out the video below...

Head on over to the App Store and get the latest version of Kashoo for iPad.


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