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Defining Your Target Market (and Why It Matters To Your Small Business)

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Setting SMART Small Business Goals for 2018

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Valuable Lessons from a Year of Customer Stories

Getting Clear About What You Want and Who to Do It With: 3 Degrees Talent, Seattle

Decoding Accounting Terms – Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable

Square Now Accepts Debit in Canada

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5 Steps to Price Your Etsy Products to Stay Profitable

Is Influencer Marketing Right for your Startup?

How to Untangle Business and Personal Finances

The Future of Accounting Software (And How It Will Affect Your Small Business)

Product Update - October 2017 - Taking the Fright Out of Accounting Software

Why Our Clients Love Using Kashoo (and So Will You)

How to Run a Successful Business and Still Make Time for Family: Appwapp, Montreal

One Simple Step To Take The Stress Out of Data Entry—Period Locking

Decoding Accounting Terms - The Income Statement

What's the Best Accounting Software for Startups? Start Here.

Accounting Decoded for Service-Based Businesses

Kashoo is One of the Top-Five QuickBooks™ Alternatives

Keeping Online Accounting Simple for the Small Business Owner!

3 Steps to Clean Up a Financial Mess, Or, Just Avoid One Altogether

Decoding Accounting Terms - The Balance Sheet

Comparing Accounting Software to a Chili Cookoff - Bean counting is just the beginning!

Kashoo Moves Up! GetApp Releases Its Latest Ranking for Accounting Software

July 12 - JOIN the Battle for a Fast, Open, and Awesome Internet

Kashoo Clients Reveal the Secrets of our Small Business Success

#2 and loving it. PC Mag rates Kashoo the SECOND best accounting software

What Happens to a Feature Request - Developers at Kashoo Reveal How New Features Come to Life

Build Your Brand Voice - Part 3: Don't Be Anti-Social!

Build Your Brand Voice - Part 2: Blogging is Just Like Pizza 

Turn on Your Cash Flow in Under a Minute!

Build Your Brand Voice - Part 1: Spreading the Word!

Every Business has a Story - Tri-Wave Contracting, Calgary, AB.

May the 4th Be With You - Kashoo Joins the Dark Side

Stay Square and Avoid the CRA Sniffing Around!

Kashoo Ratings - A "Small Fish" Makes a Big Impact in a Huge Pond

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CPA Insight: The Business Life Cycle and Kashoo - Part 2

CPA Insight: The Business Life Cycle and Kashoo - Part 1

2017 Small Business Web Summit in San Francisco

Every Business has a Story - AK Consulting, Vancouver, BC

4 Simple Things You Can Do to Achieve Side Hustle Success

Password Management Flaws - Keeping Your Data Safe

Still Using Excel for Accounting? Here are 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't

Every Business has a Story - 49er Class Association, Vancouver, BC

Our CEO dishes on What's New for 2017 - Support for iPad Pro 12.9” and more

What Your Accountant Won’t Tell You (But Your Income Statement Will) Part 4 of 4.

What Your Accountant Won’t Tell You (But Your Income Statement Will) Part 3 of 4.

Kashoo’s iPhone Accounting App Reviews Are In: You like us, you really like us!

What Your Accountant Won’t Tell You (But Your Income Statement Will) Part 2 of 4

What Your Accountant Won’t Tell You - (But Your Income Statement Will) Part 1 of 4

Apps to Complement Kashoo’s Accounting Software: Scannable by Evernote

Every Business has a Story - Avis Immigration, Vancouver, BC

Kashoo’s Online Accounting Software - Easy to Use, Easy to Switch Over

Kashoo Holiday Hours 2016

2016 is "In the Books" - Looking Forward to 2017

Every Business has a Story - Pools Plus, Vancouver, BC

Kashoo & Startups Care - Giving Back to Our Community

Small Business Accounting & Taxes - My Year-End To-Do List

Every Business Has a Story

Kashoo’s Online Accounting Software - The Perfect Fit for Small Business

Open Source Software = A Better Kashoo

CPA Insight: Closing Your Books at Year-End

Now Add Any Attachment to Transactions!

Everything Small Businesses Need To Know About Bank Reconciliations

10 Great Reasons to Fall in Love with Kashoo All Over Again

Get Paid by Credit Card: Simpler Than You Think with Kashoo

Small Business Owners Tell Us Why They Chose Kashoo!

Business Owners: Are You Ready?

Billing in USD 101 - for Canadian Businesses

Tracking the Money You Put In and Take Out of Your Business

Kashoo Gives Back By Releasing Open-Source Tool For Sync

4 Ways to Cut Office Management Costs

Top 3 Accounting Mistakes Made by Small Businesses

How to Stop Cash Flow Problems

A Formula for Success with Payroll

Get Paid Faster! Accept Credit Card Payments with Kashoo.

How You Handle Your Business' Finances Might Be Killing Your Brand

7 Habits of Highly Effective Small Business Owners

7 Little-Known Excel Tricks To Boost Your Business' Productivity

How to Get Paid Faster: Tips for Dealing with Unpaid Invoices

How to Manage Your Cash Flow (and Avoid Going out of Business)

The Anatomy of an Income Statement

A Conversation with Peter Shankman on the Customer Economy

The 3 Most Important Things You Can Do with Your Online Accounting to Make Tax Prep Time a Breeze

Ready to Rocket!

Bring A Customer to Work Day

Let’s Talk About the Modified Cash Basis of Accounting

Listen to Bruce Clay, Inc.'s Duane Forrester Field All Sorts of Small Business Digital Marketing Questions

Expanding the Accounting Equation

Kashoo Feature Roundup

Welcome to a Brand New Year

Giving Back with Startups Care

#MarketingMonday with Danetha Doe

SleeterCon-versations on Accounting Technology

Need Some Space This Thanksgiving?

Amortization Basics

Product Update: Period Locking Now Available on Kashoo for iPad, iPhone and Web

Resources for Canadian Small Businesses

What the Cost Principle is and Why You Need to Know It

Road Trip!

Quiz: What Your Personality Says About Your Bookkeeping Needs

The Consistency Principle Isn't as Boring as it Sounds

Kashoo iPhone App Named "Best Small Business iPhone App," Wins Mobby Award

How to Turn Down New Business

What is Expense Recognition and Why is it Important?

Building a Remote Team You Can Trust

The Cases For (And Against) Conferences

What is the Conservatism Principle?

Why Your Trial Balance Matters

Should You Do Your Own Bookkeeping?

What's New with v4.4 of the Kashoo iOS App?

Breaking Down Financial Statement Footnotes

9 Things You Can Do in Kashoo as Soon as You Set Up Your Account

All You Need to Know About the Interest Coverage Ratio

When and How to Say No

Recording Cash Flows: What's the Difference Between the Direct and Indirect Method?

How to Fire a Client

Tracking the Money You Put Into—And Take Out Of—Your Business

Small Business Owner Concerns: What Keeps You Up At Night?

What is the Cash Flow Statement and Why is it Important?

Signs You've Hired the Wrong Person

How Much Should You Charge?

What is the Solvency Ratio and How Do You Use It?

6 Accounting Tasks Every Small Business Owner Can Stick To

Here's Why You're Not Terrible at Accounting

What is Return on Assets All About?

See What's New with the Kashoo iOS Accounting App

Thinking About Starting a Second Business?

What is Operating Cash Flow Margin and Why is it Important?

Multilingual Accounting? Kashoo's Got It!

Productivity Tips Are Great... But They're Nothing Without This

How to Set Up an Accounting System After You've Started Your Business

Signs it's Time to Close Your Business

Truly Anywhere Accounting

What is the Debt Equity Ratio?

How to Stay Productive When You're On "Sick Kid Duty"

The Small Business Owner's Monday Morning Ritual

The Relevance of Various Business Development Activities

The Cash Collection Cycle and You

Pro Tip: Treat Each Month End Like a Year End

Let's Talk About Average Rate of Return

How to Handle a Client that Wants Free Work

What We're Reading: June Edition

What is Liquidity and Why Does it Matter to Small Business?

Explaining the Most Confusing Accounting Acronyms and Abbreviations

A Small Business Owner's Pre-Vacation Checklist

Let's Talk About the Reserve Account

The Benefits of Accrual Basis Accounting

Accounting App Shopping? Ask Yourself These 4 Simple Questions

What are the Different Types of Accounts Receivable, and Why Do They Matter?

New Business Checklist

Hiring a Family Member: Pros, Cons and Everything in Between

Why Hyper Small Business Growth Might Not Be All It's Cracked Up To Be

How I'm Working from the Car Today

What's the Difference Between Gross and Net Income?

How is Year Two of Business Different Than Year One?

What It Costs to Get Your Business Up and Running in the Cloud

What is a Suspense Account (And Why is it Important?)

Tales from the Small Business Web Summit

Tasks a Small Business Owner Shouldn't Be Doing

Numbers Your Business' Health Depends On

Three Habits that Make Accounting Gloriously Simple

Know What a Nominal Account Is? You Should...

Does Accounting Software Make You Nervous?

4 Things Online Business Software Can Help You Do Faster, Smarter

What Are Retained Earnings?

9 Cost Cutting Tips for Freelancers

What are Capital Receipts?

Great Browser Extensions that Increase Productivity

What Tasks Self-Employed Entrepreneurs Should Outsource and Why

Kashoo Heading to Western Washington University

7 Hiring Mistakes To Avoid

What are Capital Expenditures?

Can the Apple Watch and Other Smartwatches Help Entrepreneurs?

How Google’s 70-20-10 Ratio Translates to Small Business

What are Dividends?

Know What a Valuation Account is? You Should...

What Happens if You Don't Do Your Accounting?

What is an Expense Account?

Tax Day Has Come and Gone

Switching From Cash Basis to Accrual Basis Accounting

Pro Tips for Getting Paid on Time (Video)

Why a Big Tax Refund Check Isn't All It's Cracked Up to Be

What is the Accounting Cycle?

Concrete Hacks to Boosting Productivity

Should You Incorporate Your Canadian Small Business?

5 Mistakes You're Making When It Comes To Getting Paid

5 Things To Do If You Get an Audit Notice

What is the Cash Conversion Cycle?

Tracking Mileage

Avoiding an Audit: 5 Tips

What are Consigned Goods?

The Primary Financial Statements

Using a General Ledger to Prepare for Tax Time

Understanding Different Types of Revenues

Tax Prep Checklist (U.S. Edition)

Small Business Startup Costs: What to Expect

How to Quit Your Day Job and Go Your Own Way

Your First... Small Business Milestones

Common Small Business Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them

Fictional Characters Need P&L Statements Too

Productivity Apps (Beyond Accounting!)

Setting a Work Schedule: Solopreneur Edition

10 Small Business Friendly States

5 Rules For Starting A Business With A Friend

1Password Integration for Kashoo on the iPhone and iPad is Here!

Understanding GST and HST for Canadian Businesses

5 Tips for Small Business Financial Health

Transitioning: Sole Proprietorship to LLC

Freedom Friday at Kashoo

Small Business Shipping Solutions

Why is Accounting So Hard?

Setting Up Payroll for a Small Business

How to Budget for Business Travel

How to File for an Extension with the IRS

5 Whys: How Kashoo Continuously Improves and Avoids Making the Same Mistake Twice

Accounting for Freelancers

What is a SEP IRA?

W-9s and 1099s

Small Business Payment Solutions

5 Questions to Ask a Bookkeeper

Choosing a Business Bank Account

5 Questions to Ask an Accountant

How to Deduct Travel Expenses

Starting a Nonprofit? Here are the First Steps

How Does a Small Business Build Credit?

What is Bankruptcy?

What are the Accounting Standards for Private Enterprises (ASPE)?

Does My Small Business Need Bookkeeping?

Setting a Fiscal Year

Good Debt vs Bad Debt

Small Business Accounting Basics for the Solopreneur

What are the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)?

Does My Business Need an Accountant?

Monday Money with Danetha Doe: Getting Organized to Meet with Your Tax Professional

Commit to These 4 Good Bookkeeping Habits and Start the Year Off Right

Five Critical Rules For Starting A Business With Your Spouse

Monday Money with Danetha Doe: Bookkeeping Checklist

'Twas the Night Before Year End

3,336 lbs and $5,796

3 Accounting Mistakes to Avoid

Monday Money with Danetha Doe: Weekly Bookkeeping Tasks

Accounting for Farmers: Kashoo Now Integrates with Farm At Hand

New Business Checklist: 4 Things

Monday Money with Danetha Doe: Managing Cash Flow with Income Fluctuation

Break-Even Analysis: What it is and How to Figure it Out

How Should I Organize My Business? (US Edition)

What are Absorbed Costs?

Check Out the Enhanced Kashoo Web App

An Ode to Entrepreneurship

What are Arrears in Accounting?

What is a Drawing Account?

Invoice Tips: How Not to Follow Up

Kashoo CEO Jim Secord Talks Different Devices, Different Experiences

What Is the Difference between a Bookkeeper and an Accountant?

What is Working Capital and Why is it Important?

Often Overlooked Business Tax Deductions

4 Signs It's Time to Migrate to a New Accounting Solution

Appreciation vs Depreciation

What are Good Bookkeeping Practices?

Interested in an Accounting Technology Job? Kashoo is Hiring

What is Cost of Goods Sold?

The Art of an Effective Invoice

October Report from Support: Importing a Trial Balance and More

Kashoo has Disabled SSLv3 Support in Response to POODLE

What is a Bad Debt?

What is Profit Margin?

Kashoo Featured on CTV's App Central [Video]

Getting Started with Accounting

What is Net Income?

So You Got a Letter from the IRS...

What is an Expense in Accounting?

Kashoo iPad Accounting App Nominated a Tabby Finalist—Again!

Year End Accounting: It's Coming Sooner Than You Think

Nikki Layton’s Report from Kashoo Support: September Edition

Check out What Kashoo Did at IPBC 2014 (Yes, Banks Made an Appearance)

What is a Balance Sheet?

What is a Chart of Accounts?

20 Questions with Kashoo Team Member, Miriam Trotscha

Accounts Receivable vs Accounts Payable

What is an Accounting Transaction?

Scheduled Maintenance Alert!

Kashoo Update: The Best Accounting You'll Find on iOS 8

What is Accounting and Why Do I Need It?

What's New with the Kashoo Web App: Project Accounting, Dynamic Scaling & More

What is a Debit and Credit in Accounting?

Nikki Layton's Report from Kashoo Support: iPhone, iPhone, iPhone!

Webinar Recap: Cash Flow Best Practices & Tips with Danetha Doe

Want to Minimize Distractions? Try These Unconventional Approaches

What is a General Ledger?

How to Improve Your Customer Service Skills

Danetha Doe to Lead Special Kashoo Webinar on Improving Cash Flow

Report from Support (July Edition)

Media Coverage Roundup: Kashoo iPhone App

Introducing Kashoo's iPhone App

What is in a Business Plan? A Quick Guide for the New Entrepreneur

Want Advanced Insider Notice of this Week's Big Kashoo News?

Determining Your Invoice Payment Terms

Report from Support with Kashoo’s Nikki Layton

A World Cup Comparison: Accounting and Football (Or Soccer to Us North Americans)

Business Payment Methods: How to Get Money Into Your Business Bank Account

CPA Practice Advisor Gives Kashoo 4.25 Stars

How Do You Really File Taxes? A Kashoo Survey

Kashoo's Heading to Vegas—For an Accounting Conference

The Annual Kashoo Staff Street Hockey is Coming Up...

Repeating Transactions Comes to the Kashoo Web App

Starting a Business and Keeping Your Day Job: Two Sides to the Coin (And the Gray Area in Between)

Reasons Why You Can't Be an Entrepreneur and Why Those Reasons Are Stupid

Our Own Jim Secord Talks Authenticity at BCTIA six:forty

Accounting Isn't the the Only Challenge Entrepreneurs Face

20 Questions with Kashoo CFO Wendy Rose

US Kashoo'ers: Take a Quick Post-Tax Day Quiz for a Shot at 1 of 10 $50 Gift Cards!

Last Minute Small Business Taxes Help!

Tax Time Survival Checklist

How to File for a Tax Return Extension [US Version]

Kashoo for iPad: Featured Tax App on the App Store

Kashoo Talks Startup Accounting with Entrepreneurs at WeWork SoMa

What is Accounts Payable and Why Does it Matter?

Your First Self Employed Tax Return [Reblog]

What is Bank Reconciliation and Why is it Important?

How to Read a P&L Statement

Kashoo Named to Rocket Builders 11th Annual "Ready to Rocket" List

What Is Accounts Receivable and Why Does it Matter?

Kashoo iPad App Update: Meet 3.2!

Changing Your Business Address? Here's Who You Need to Update

What is Cash Flow and Why is it so Important?

Small Business Accounting: What I Wish I Knew Before I Started My Business

How to Pay Yourself as a Canadian Small Business Owner

U.S. Kashoo Customers: Small Business Payroll is Here

Business Development Tips for the Digital Age

3 Tips to Help You Boost Your Productivity

Make Better Business Decisions: Measure Everything

Tired of New Year's Resolutions? Try Unresolutions...

The Cloud: Eliminating the Adult Snow Day (For Better or Worse) Since the mid-2000s

New Year's Resolutions: Small Business Edition

Customer Interviewing 101: Knowing Your Customer

Season's Greetings from Kashoo

What are the Different Account Types in Accounting?

Business Travel Tips and Tricks from Our Pro, Kasey Bayne

Company Holiday Party Ideas and Tips

What is an Account in Accounting?

Year-End Accounting Checklist

Vancouver Networking Event Alert: From 'Idea' to 'Open'

So You Want to Do Your Own Bookkeeping?

Counterintuitive Business Growth Strategies: Pruning [Guest Post by Jason Blumer]

Standing Desk Basics

Kashoo Reports from the Road: Sleeter 2013

Remembrance Day: Take Time to Remember

Holiday Gift Giving Tips

What is a Trial Balance Import?

How to Read a Balance Sheet

How to Fire an Employee

Kashoo Webinar Updates: New Offerings, Still Free!

What is Bank Reconciliation?

A Quick Guide to Hiring Your First Employee (Part II)

A Quick Guide to Hiring Your First Employee (Part I)

Big Updates from Kashoo HQ: Paychex Partnership, App Stats & More

Kashoo iPad App Nominated Tabby Awards Finalist by TabTimes

Your Kashoo Accounting Questions Answered [VIDEO]

Kashoo iPad App Cracks Top 10 Business Apps List in 90 Countries

Meet Kashoo Customer and Singer-Songwriter Extraordinaire Melissa Fuller

EXCLUSIVE! Small Business Accounting Expert Piggybank Known as "Banks" Paints Town Red; Details Unknown

Meet Kashoo Accounting Software Developer Ben Kennedy

Introducing the New Kashoo iPad App

7 Questions to Ask Before Joining Twitter

Starting Out, What Needs to Be in Place?

What Happens to My Kashoo Feature Request?

Kashoo Storms the BCTIA Tech Stampede!

Continuity and Disaster Preparedness for Small Business [Via FBC]

Why PIN Locks Matter

Product Update: Check Out v2.2 of the Kashoo iPad App

So You're Going to Start a Blog for your Small Business...

Have Internet, Will Work

Notes from the Accounting Conference Road

The Yearly Value Raise [Guest Post]

So You Want to Start Your Own Business...

Five Ways Small Business Owners Can Save Money

For Our Canadian Customers: 7 Tips for Avoiding a CRA Audit (via FBC Blog)

Swarming and Rubber-Ducking: How the Kashoo Development Team Builds

Jason Blumer Stops by Kashoo HQ

Our Kasey Bayne Talks Cloud Accounting with The Progressive Accountant's Bob Scott

20 Questions with Jim Secord: Kashoo CEO, Simple Cloud Accounting Frontiersman

The New Accountant: Get Ready for a Change [Guest Post]

Kashoo Featured on iPad Today (Episode 149)

4 Keys to Good Remote Working

The Best Piece of Business Advice You Ever Received

Product Update: New Stuff for the Kashoo Web App

Small Business Tips: Hiring Summer Help

Small Business Digital Checklist

Creative Nashville-based Husband-Wife Duo Love Kashoo... Y'all

20 Questions with Kashoo's Maria Abagis

Web App Updates: New Reporting Options, Improved Check Printing & More

How to Make Next Tax Season Less Painful

[VIDEO] Meet Kashoo Customer Jendy Chicago

Kashoo Milestones: 100,000+ Registered Users, iPad App Surpasses 50,000 Downloads

News Round Up: Last Minute Tax Tips

PRODUCT UPDATE: Explore New Features on the Kashoo iPad App

Kashoo Customer Spotlight: Jendy Chicago

20 Questions... Video Style!

Kashoo Survives SXSW

Happy Pi Day from Team Kashoo

96 Years of Temporary Taxation in Canada

Kashoo at Macworld: Jim Chats with iMore Editor-in-Chief, Rene Ritchie

20 Questions with Chris Luft, Kashoo's Unofficial Recruiter

Coming Soon to the Kashoo iPad App: Attachments

State of Small Business Event Recap

Kashoo Customer Feature: The Miniature Perfume Shoppe

20 Questions with Kashoo's Sandra Tomlinson

Kashoo Event! The State of Canadian Small Business

Kashoo iPad App Update (v3.1)

Kashoo - Web

Kashoo iPad App Named an iBusiness Top 50 Business App

Giving Thanks This Holiday

20 Questions with Kashoo's Geoff Spears

Drum Roll Please...

Voting is Closed!

Book Review: Living the Dream: Putting Your Creativity to Work (And Getting Paid)

Kasey Talks Kashoo, Small Business Accounting on CloudTalkRadio

Meet (And Vote For!) The Contest Nominees

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Balance Virtual

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Adam Shay CPA, PLLC

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Lynley Schwartzentruber

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Lord & Associates, PC/CPAs

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Magen Smith, That CPA

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Yorkshire Accountancy

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Buckler Bookkeeping

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Kelly Totten (Cracker Jack Accounting)

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: InteleSoft

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Measure Accounting Co.

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Kevin McCoy CPA

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: On The Money Bookkeeping Services

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: RDR Bookkeeping Services

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Eric Matthews, That Bookkeeper

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Sharon Perry

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Franco Alfieri

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Jennifer Todd (Mastering Business)

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Ledgers Online

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Chambers CPA

Kashoo Best Accountant / Bookkeeper Website Contest Nominee: Chestnut Bookkeepers

20 Questions with Kashoo CTO Chuck Clark

It's Contest Time!

Counting Down to Year End

20 Questions with Kashoo’s Kasey Bayne

Five Things to Look for in a New Remote Bookkeeper

Recapping Sleeter 2012

A Kashoo Company Update from CEO Jim Secord

Welcome to Team Kashoo: Greg Fandrick

Kashoo Visits IPBC 2012

City Skyline, Team Dinners, and the Least Adventurous Use of a GoPro Camera Ever

Thinking About Hiring a Bookkeeper?

Projecting Your Cash Flow

Two Essential Areas Entrepreneurs Neglect When They Start Their Business

Stop Procrastinating: 3 End-of-Year Tax Tasks that Business Owners Can Tackle Now

Learn to Love Your Numbers

Accounting and Technology - Fun Facts

Our Favorite Business iPad Apps

The Five Questions Small Business Owners Should Ask Their Accountants

Use The Cloud for Effective and Efficient Small Business Management

Are you a Solopreneur? How to Pay Yourself

Do You Know the Net Worth of Your Business?

Five Steps to Setting Up Your Business Budget

Transaction Entry in Kashoo

Getting Started in Kashoo: Opening Balances

Top 10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail

Migrating to Kashoo from QuickBooks

Accrual-Basis vs. Cash-Basis Accounting

Strengthen Your Finances: Part Two

What's New in Kashoo for iPad (v1.3)

Online Accounting Software, Kashoo, Named “Most Promising Startup” at the 2012 BCTIA Technology Impact Awards

Strengthen Your Finances: Part One

Smart Spending

Payroll Options for Small Businesses

Important upgrades on Friday, June 8, 2012 (Planned Maintenance)

Income and Expenses

Kashoo Launches MVP Program: Online Accounting Software Gives Accountants and Bookkeepers Everything they Need to Bring their Small Business Clients to the Cloud

The Two Most Important Financial Documents for Your Small Business

Setting Up Your Small Business Accounting Software in 7 Easy Steps

The Top Ten Benefits to Look for in a Small Business Accounting System

Top Tips for Marketing to SOHO Owners

Your Intellectual Property

Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing: You can do both!

Sit Back and Relax with Kashoo’s Automated Bank Import

Meet Move Creative!

Make Better Business Decisions with Real Insights, in Real-Time

Financing your Small Business

Marketing Your Business: You Gotta Have a Plan!

Your 2nd Quarter Marketing Budget

Your 2nd Quarter Sales Forecasts

Advertising or Marketing? Which is which?

Your Business Plan is Your Primary Navigation Tool

Canadian Small Businesses: Kashoo and PaymentEvolution Are Partnering Up to Soothe Your Accounting & Payroll Headaches

Getting a Good Start for Your Business in the New Year

Ten Small Business Accounting Questions for Year-End

How to Prepare Your Business for the End of the Year

December 2011 Update

How’s Your Pitch, Part 4

Elements of an Effective Elevator Pitch

14 Tips for your Elevator Pitch

How’s Your Pitch? Elevator Pitch Part 1