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CPA Insight: The Business Life Cycle and Kashoo - Part 1

At Kashoo, we understand that every small business owner cares deeply about staying ahead of the curve and making well-informed business decisions. That’s why we recently sat down with our very own Controller and CPA, Siena, to talk about the Business Life Cycle, what it means from an accounting perspective, how it relates to the small business owner, and how Kashoo can help with your Business Life Cycle and steer you in the right direction at each phase.

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2017 Small Business Web Summit in San Francisco

One of the few conferences we attend each year is the Small Business Web Summit in San Francisco. It’s run by software-as-a-service (SaaS) industry executives who gather for a couple of days to discuss how to reach and serve small business customers.

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Every Business has a Story - AK Consulting, Vancouver, BC

From high-stress, fast-paced corporate life in a world financial capital, to working in jeans with her cat on her lap, meet Ann-Marie Kellaway, GCMA, and owner of AK Consulting. We're eager to learn how Ann-Marie ended a high-profile investment banking career to start a family, a business, and a new life in Canada. 

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4 Simple Things You Can Do to Achieve Side Hustle Success

Side hustle, freelancer, weekend gig, volunteer—it doesn’t matter what you call it—but more and more people these days have something going on the side. How do you take your side hustle to the next level though? Let’s start by defining what a “side hustle” actually is.

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Password Management Flaws - Keeping Your Data Safe

It seems like headlines regarding passwords, security breaches, and employee security mishaps are a daily occurrence these days:

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