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Pro Tip: Treat Each Month End Like a Year End


Here at Kashoo, we recently just wrapped up our fiscal year end which meant closing out the books. For many small business owners, this can be one of the most overwhelming tasks on your list. We sat down with our own Siena and Wendy, the Kashoo accounting team, and got the scoop on how they closed our year end in just a few days!

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Let's Talk About Average Rate of Return

If you don't consider yourself to be overly investment-savvy, you may feel a bit daunted by the term Average Rate of Return. (It even made our list of the most confusing accounting acronyms and abbreviations!) Let's clear away some of that confusion, and see how average rate of return impacts your financial decisions as a small business owner.

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How to Handle a Client that Wants Free Work

Could you just take a look at this and provide some feedback?

It shouldn't take you too long to do this little extra thing, right? 

So as part of this project, we just want to add a few extra things, ok?

Phrases like these are all too familiar to small business owners—especially those that work in the services or consulting capacities. And while you always want to make a client happy, these phrases are indicative of one thing and one thing only: free work. And that's something you're not in the business of.

Here's why free work shouldn't be in your vocabulary and how you can avoid falling into its grip...

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What We're Reading: June Edition

We know we're not the only fountain of entrepreneurial insight and perspective around this here interweb. That's why we're kicking off a monthly round-up of quality content that can help you be more productive, more successful and flat out happier. So without further adieu, here's what we're reading this month at Kashoo... 

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What is Liquidity and Why Does it Matter to Small Business?

If you're running a small business, one of the concepts in accounting you're going to want to wrap your head around as early as possible is liquidity. Measuring your business' liquidity—which you can do by calculating and tracking different ratios of your company's assets and liabilities—will be key to ensuring that your company is in good financial health. It also can help you spot potential cash problems before they crop up or progress too far and help you secure loans from creditors. All good things when it comes to making sure your business survives and thrives, right?

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