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Still Using Excel for Accounting? Here are 7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't

Changes in technology are inevitable, and accounting is no exception. Looking back, accountants used an abacus, graduating to the calculator many moons later. Eventually Lotus 1-2-3 became the program of choice, which was then overtaken by Excel, with millions of people switching to Excel for accounting purposes.

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Every Business has a Story - 49er Class Association, Vancouver, BC

Olympian, world traveler, sailor, father, and small business owner—please meet Ben Remocker, CEO of the 49er Class Association—Pushing the sport of sailing forward right from Vancouver, BC. We're excited to hear about Ben's experience as a Canadian Olympian in London and Beijing, how his business came to be, and what the future holds for his adventurous industry.

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Our CEO dishes on What's New for 2017 - Support for iPad Pro 12.9” and more

Over the past couple of weeks we have been rolling out updates to our web and iOS app. Here's a preview of what you can expect when you sign in to Kashoo.

The major update to our iOS app is to enable better support for the large screen format of the 12.9" iPad Pro. We’re huge fans of the potential of the iPad Pro, and we will continue to enhance Kashoo to support the Keyboard, Pencil, and additional capabilities of the iPad Pro product line.

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What Your Accountant Won’t Tell You (But Your Income Statement Will) Part 4 of 4.

Sticking with our corny accounting jokes to lead into our Income Statement series of blogs, here's our last one: What's the definition of a good tax accountant? Someone who has a loophole named after them!

Boy, glad that's the last of those—I'm not sure that one even has a punchline! But it does provide a nice segue into our final installment of this 4-part series.

If you do have a good tax accountant, that's great, they'll be able to provide much-needed insight into your taxes and help you get the most from your expenses. But they most likely won't be able to tell you what your Income Statement can about the health of your business. 

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What Your Accountant Won’t Tell You (But Your Income Statement Will) Part 3 of 4.

Welcome to Part 3 of our Income Statement report series. Sticking with our theme of knee-slapping accounting jokes to break the ice; What does an accountant say when you ask him the time? It's 9:37 am and 12 seconds; no wait - 13 seconds, no wait - 14 seconds, no wait... 

Ouch, these accounting jokes are groaners, aren't they?!? But speaking of time, that's another key item of interest the Income Statement report can provide. Our last post discussed what you're selling (or not selling), and for Part 3 of our Income Statement series, we're going to add to that by discussing not just WHAT you're selling, but WHEN you're selling it.

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