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DIY Small Business Tips

Ideas and perspectives for those who blaze their own path

SleeterCon-versations on Accounting Technology

Earlier this month, a few of us Kashooers headed down to Las Vegas for the annual SleeterCon - a gathering of the who's who in the accounting technology world. We spoke with hundreds of accountants about Kashoo, learn more about their firms, their small business clients, and how we can work together even better!

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Need Some Space This Thanksgiving?

It's Thanksgiving time in the U.S. For many, that means family time. Lots and lots of family time. And while that's certainly a good thing, too much can, well, you know... lead to unspeakable horrors.  That's why we're relaying five airtight activities small business owners can fall back on should they need a little bit of alone time.

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Amortization Basics

If you've ever had a car loan or mortgage to pay off, you've probably already heard of the term amortization. Paying off a debt (like a car or home loan) in regular installments over time is one form of amortization, but when it comes to your small business accounting, it takes on a bit of a different meaning. And it all centers around your company's assets.

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Product Update: Period Locking Now Available on Kashoo for iPad, iPhone and Web

The most recent release of the Kashoo iPhone and iPad apps is packed with lots of new features, but there's one we're most excited to share with you: period locking

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Resources for Canadian Small Businesses

I was lucky enough to spend some time this month with the team at Startup Canada - if you're a Canadian small business owner, even if you're past the startup stage, you've got to check this group out!

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