Kashoo + Android = Awesome

Ready to take control of your business' finances with true double-entry accounting that's delightfully easy to use from any Android powered device? You've come to the right place. Kashoo is all of that and much more. Sign up today and be the boss of your own books wherever you are.

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Get real accounting on your Android device.

It's simple to sign up and most Kashoo users are up and running in one day. Then take the other 13 days on us to see what Kashoo can really do.

It's a match made in the cloud.

Wherever your business takes you, Kashoo cloud based accounting software is along for the ride thanks to delightfully simple native apps for both iOS and Android that give you control over your finances—from anywhere, anytime. So no matter if you're a freelance writer, IT consultant, photographer, dentist or anything in between, Kashoo is the #1 choice for small business accounting.

Record Income Easily

Avoid the procrastination trap, and not only will you feel great about getting things done, but you might even get paid faster. 

Quick Entry

Everyone knows time is money. With the Kashoo mobile apps, you can create invoices and expenses in literally just a few taps. In. Out. On with your day.

Real-Time Expenses

With the Kashoo Android and iOS apps, you can capture and enter your expenses as they happen. That means no more wallets or purses or pockets stuffed with receipts.

Bank Integration

Kashoo intgerates with over 10,000 banks—and yours is almost certainly one of them. This makes pulling your financial transactions perfectly simple.

True Accounting

Record-keeping isn't accounting. A spreadsheet isn't accounting. Real accounting is double-entry accounting. And that's exactly what Kashoo is.

World-Class Security

Your data is yours and Kashoo protects it with automatic backups, bank-level encryption and PIN/TouchID mobile security. Secure business finances means you can sleep easy.