Kashoo In A Nutshell

Meet the Passionate Entrepreneurs that Make Kashoo, Simple Online Accounting Software

Accounting Software We Wanted to Use

The Kashoo story is simple. We couldn’t find a modern, cloud accounting software solution that was built for the small business owner. Products like QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, Xero, and Freshbooks had been around (in fact some of us worked on them), but they were either too complicated or lacked modern conveniences like a mobile App you could download directly to your device. So we did what any entrepreneur does — we seized the opportunity.

Seven years later, Kashoo is one of the most popular online accounting apps in the world, with paying clients in over 180 countries. Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada we’re a small team of 20 people who are truly passionate about giving small business owners the financial tools they need to succeed. We believe in simplicity, clarity, and focus.

In December 2016, we launched an all new version of Kashoo, simplifying accounting software even more by making it easier to navigate through menus and find the information you need within 1 or 2 taps or clicks. We’re big believers in keeping everything on a single screen, so we removed all the accounting jargon and simplified all the areas where you enter your financial information. 

We're Here For You

Everyone at Kashoo answers the phone, responds to subscribers, emails, and participates in chat sessions. We know what it’s like to run a small business and do your bookkeeping and accounting in 10 minute spurts throughout the week. When you have a question, you need answers — and we’re here for you.

The Team at Kashoo Simple Online Accounting

Just give us a call at 1-888-520-5274 or send us an email at answers@kashoo.com. Or, check out Kashoo U, our online "campus" filled with accounting knowledge.

We Care (a lot)

We’re not just developers of Kashoo, we’re also clients. We’ve run our company's accounting on Kashoo since day one and have 7 years of audited financials (and happy auditors) to back us up! All of us on the team use Kashoo to do our accounting for family businesses, sports associations, and not-for-profits.

About The Team

Jim Secord, CEO - Kashoo Online Accounting SoftwareJim Secord, CEO, is the product person that drives Kashoo and likely one of the most enthusiastic “iPad for small business owners” evangelists you will meet. Jim started his career as the product manager for Simply Accounting, and his passion for accounting software has never waned. As a seasoned tech exec and SaaS executive in the Pacific Northwest, he has lead Kashoo since day one and prior to that spent 14 years in leadership roles in the online real estate industry and grew organizations from startups to millions of subscribers. Outside of Kashoo, Jim and his family run a corporate retreat and hobby farm on Lummi Island, WA called RecRetreats.com where they use Kashoo to manage their bookkeeping and day-to-day accounting tasks.

Nikki Layton, VP - Customer Success - Kashoo Online Accounting SoftwareNikki Layton, VP Customer Success, is like the Sherpa of Customer Success, leading not only the CS team, but guiding small business owners up and over the mountains they can face while running their business successfully. Naturally, Nikki is an avid climber herself, and also enjoys numerous outdoor activities. As someone who lives an active and healthy lifestyle, she too has her own small business, running a successful personal training studio.

Chuck Clark, CTO - Kashoo Online Accounting SoftwareChuck Clark, CTO, is a passionate technologist with a diverse background in both web and mobile app development in the online travel, mobile, and investment banking industries. He was the Chief Architect at Orbitz through their launch and growth as a global platform for selling travel related products online. He now leads our Kashoo development team. Chuck has over 15 years of experience pushing the envelope in designing and developing high-transaction, business critical systems.

You can reach out directly to our CEO, Jim Secord, at @JimSecord, our VP of Customer Success, Nikki Layton, at @nikkilaytonvan, or our CTO, Chuck Clark, at @cziclix.

A Little Known Story about Kashoo

We often get asked how the name "Kashoo" came to be for our accounting software. Well, there’s an Olde English saying — “Making your Nut” — that, when translated into "modern speak", basically means covering your expenses, or another way: making enough cash to cover your expenses. Back in the days when the carnival rode into town, officials would remove the ‘nut’ from a Carnie’s wagon, preventing them from skipping town without paying their expenses owed. So the Carnies had to “make their nut”.

Making Your Nut = Having Enough Cash.
Cashew. Nut. Kashoo.
Inexpensive domain name.

Want to enjoy some of the perks of working and growing with Kashoo Simple Online Accounting? Have a look at our Careers page for current opportunities.